A word from the Head of the Master

A word from the Head of the DYCLAM+ master

It is with pride that we welcomed the decision of the European Commission to recognize this Erasmus Mundus Master's degree. This training is unique in Europe and concerns the world.

The idea was inspired by the worldwide awareness of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, be it sociological, economic, technological, archaeological, diplomatic and symbolic.

Globalization, the emergence of a global middle class, the intensification of transnational human mobility, and the increase in tourist flows have been a major factor in the development of "heritage culture." Never has the international community been so mobilized on this new geopolitical issue that heritage has become.

Let us cite only four examples that are in the news: the restitution of ill-gotten cultural property or the reconstitution of destroyed property; the negative impact of mass tourism on cities and heritage sites; conflicts of memory and use; and the effects of the digital revolution in the cultural field.

What was missing was a European training program that would allow for a better understanding of the globalization of the heritage phenomenon, its consequences and its governance.

It is therefore crucial to educate experts capable of renewing the policies of development and management according to these new challenges and who will be able to develop their skills throughout the world and spread the European "heritage culture" outside of Europe.

To meet this challenge, the consortium members (Italy, Portugal, Romania, France) have created a network of associated partners representing 14 academic institutions from 14 countries. They have put together an interdisciplinary and international teaching team that brings together the academic and professional worlds.

This team has a motto: Excellence, Openness, Innovation.

It has one objective: to promote a shared, responsible and sustainable heritage.

It has a mission: to welcome you!

Heritage, more than ever, is a "story of the future".

Robert Belot

University Professor