How to apply

How to Apply to DYCLAM+


The admission procedure is based on a dossier which must include :


  • in French or English, in EUROPASS format, with a photo.

The diploma(s) in higher education (Bachelor's degree of at least 180 ECTS required to enroll in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree)* :

  • A certified copy of the original diploma(s).
  • A certified translated copy (in French or English) of the original/original degree(s).
  • High school diploma and high school diploma transcript*:
  • A certified copy of the original baccalaureate diploma (high school diploma).
  • A certified translated copy (in English or French) of the original high school diploma.
  •  A certified copy of the original high school diploma transcript.
  •  A certified, translated copy (in English or French) of the original high school diploma transcript.

Transcripts of degree(s) in higher education*:

  •  A certified copy of the original transcripts of all semesters in higher education (bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees).
  • A certified translated copy (in French or English) of original transcripts of all semesters in higher education (bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees).

Language attestations:

  • A certified C1 level French language certificate (DALF, TCF).
  • A certified B2 level English language certificate (IELTS 6, TOEFL ITP 550, TOEFL IBT at least 90, TOEIC at least 650).

Related to the international health crisis, preventing the holding of some language exam sessions, the DYCLAM+ Executive Board may accept that applicants provide the following two documents:

  • A language attestation via one of their language teachers attesting to their level on official letterhead, with the teacher's signature and the institution's stamp.
  • A statement on the applicant's honor certifying their language level.

Important: applicants who are native speakers of French or English are exempt from providing a language certificate for their native language. After reviewing the applications, candidates may be asked to attend a video conference interview to assess their French language skills.

Letters of recommendation:

  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation, in French or English, are required.

NB: it is possible to submit a letter of recommendation on official letterhead, signed by the writer and with the institution's stamp, or either by using the DYCLAM+ letter of recommendation available at "2. For the referee" to be signed by the writer and with the institution's stamp.

Motivation letter:

  • A detailed cover letter from the applicant, in word processing, written in French or English.
  • The format of the cover letter is free and the limit is 5 pages.

NB: you may mention your professional projects, your completed and/or planned research projects,...


  • A certified copy of your ID/card and/or passport.

Birth certificate*:

  • A certified copy of your original birth certificate.
  • A certified, translated copy (in French or English) of the original birth certificate.

Certificate of Residence:

  • A certificate of residence issued by your city hall, employer, institution of higher education, or a utility bill (gas, electricity,...) proving your current place of residence.


This DYCLAM+ 22-24 application form below, completed and signed.

Download the  «Formulaire d'inscription DYCLAM+ 22-24.pdf» online

Please note that all documents attached to the application will be retained by the DYCLAM+ Training Consortium.

Registrations are initially made by email:

□ the DYCLAM+ 22-24 application and the mandatory attachments must be sent in electronic format to the following email address:

dyclamplus @

The DYCLAM+ application form must be dated and signed, accompanied by the mandatory attachments, scanned into a single PDF document to be sent to: 

dyclamplus @

Please note: maximum size of the PDF: 5Mb.

The DYCLAM+ application file must be named as follows NAME_Firstname_DYCLAM+22

DEADLINE: 25/03/2022 midnight (French time)

*Official documents (birth certificate, diplomas...) can be provided by the candidates in simple copy at the time of the sending of the application by digital way. A certified copy will be required from the students as soon as the notification of their selection is sent to them. 

If you are selected:

□ Send your DYCLAM+ application by mail IF AND ONLY IF you are selected.

□ Do not mail your original documents, but certified copies of the original documents and translated certified copies of the original documents (in French or English).

□ Attach a paper photo to your mailed DYCLAM+ application.

□ Keep original documents with you throughout the two years of the DYCLAM+ Master's degree.

□ Send your DYCLAM+ application to Ms. CERESA GENET Allison, the DYCLAM+ administrative coordinator:

Master Erasmus Mundus JMD DYCLAM+
Université Jean Monnet
Campus Tréfilerie
Faculté de Sciences Humaines et Sociales
Bâtiment H
33, rue du Onze-Novembre
42023 Saint-Étienne Cedex 2

Applications for DYCLAM+ 2022-2024 are open until 25/03/22 midnight (French time). 



Personal data is collected and processed in compliance with Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and with the French Data Protection Act. In accordance with the law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 "Informatique et Libertés", you have a right of access, opposition and rectification on the collected personal data which concern you.


Applicants wishing to appeal the jury's decision may contact the DYCLAM+ Consortium for further information: dyclamplus @


For each intake we receive about 200 application. In general 10% of the applicants are considered eligible to enroll in the DYCLAM+ Master.

If you obtain the highest score (5 or 4), an EACEA scholarship will be awarded to you, according to the Erasmus Mundus program rules.

If you obtain a score of 3, you can enroll in the DYCLAM + Master but WITHOUT a scholarship funded by the EACEA. The best students among the non-scholarship holders could exceptionally be founded by the DYCLAM+ consortium (at least in what concerns the help to the payment of tuition fees).

If your score is lower than 3, you will be not allowed to enroll in the master, but please contact us and we will give you some advice on how to improve your application for the next year.